Crafted for Brewers:
From brewhouse to tanks –designed to create great beers

Creativity requires more than a standard solution

Craft brewed beers are in line with the global trend. It is a creative art where the brewmaster, given the right tools, is the artist. Creative and inspired brewing requires more than just standard brewhouse solutions. Here ZIEMANN is taking things one step further: by offering customized brewing solutions. ZIEMANN’s innovative solutions allow craft brewers the flexibility they need to be inventive coupled with the efficiency required for top quality beers.

Maximum flexibility from malt intake to the bright beer tank cellar

ZIEMANN offers maximum flexibility across all stages in the production of beer. ZIEMANN plans, engineers and automates the process and the cleaning technology in all production areas, including the installation of process pipework and the integration of all required utilities. For modernizations, capacity expansions as well as for completely new brewery plants - ZIEMANN provides innovative solutions and is a competent and reliable partner.

ZIEMANN allows craft brewers to:

• Develop and brew their own recipes

• Cast-out different brew sizes

• Produce up to 12 brews per day

• Explore alternative raw materials

• Occupy and clean the brewing vessels separately

• Add hops also in fermentation and storage cellar

• Manage different types of yeast

• Individually adjust brewing capacities

• Integrate and use renewable energies

In short:
to successfully brew creative beers now and in the future.